Switch to Mozart Use ’n’ Pay

Auto-replenish inventory with optimised stock level. Ensure 100% stock availability with zero stock outs. Unlock working capital and free up cashflow

JIT Procurement and inventory planning

Leverage past intelligence and live inventory tracking to optimise reordering for just-in-time availability.

VMI and Auto-replenishment

Free up cashflow and save on inventory holding costs by moving to vendor managed inventory and adopting a use and pay model.

Digitally Transform Sourcing and Procurement

Reduce procurement costs and boost profitability by leveraging spend intelligence, vendor consolidation and 100% transparency.

Optimise Tail Spend

Leverage the power of Pareto and reduce the total cost of ownership by consolidating B and C Class spend.

Unlock Latent Cost Savings

Save on latent costs in the procurement process by reducing the number of purchase orders and invoices.

Automate supply chain and skyrocket visibility

Take advantage of our Mozart platform to track all your orders & shipments at one place. Stay updated on end-to-end operations with real-time visibility.

Track orders and shipments

Gain end-to-end procurement visibility and transparency by tracking order and shipment statuses.

Automate supply chain tasks

Free-up bandwidth by automating routine tasks such as vendor follow-ups and notifications such as dispatch details and order statuses.

Streamline Vendor Payouts

Delight your vendor base with automated payouts, payment advices and real-time visibility into the payment process.

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